@Sikhlens India 2024 Film & Arts Festival Highlights | RFETV | Chandigarh | Ojaswwee, Bicky Singh

Watch the Sikhlens India 2024 Festival Highlights - An extravagant experience of films, culture and heritage, promoting oneness, inclusion, and diversity in this unforgettable journey of storytelling and cultural exchange! #SikhlensIndia #SikhlensIndia2024 #SAFF2024India

Experience the vibrant tapestry of Sikh culture and cinematic brilliance at Sikhlens India 2024 Festival! ????
Thousands of festival attendees and participants enjoyed a celebration of unity, diversity, and heritage as we showcase the best of Sikh cinema, artistry and performances.

With a legacy of 24 years in the United States, the Sikhlens India Festival Directorate held its 5th Annual Film Festival in India in Chandigarh on Saturday, 24th of February, 2024.

The next Edition in India will be held in February 2025. Stay tuned.
Sikhlens festival is being held in Chandigarh, India each year in February since 2020.

Sikhlens Produced in India by Pinaka Mediaworks & Rolling Frames Entertainment (RFE TV)
Festival Founder: Bicky Singh
Festival Director - India: Shri Ojasweee Sharma

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Date of Festival: 24th February, 2024 Saturday
Festival Director: Shri Ojaswwee Sharma
#Sikhlens #FilmFestival #OfficialVideo
Event: Sikhlens: Sikh Arts & Film Festival 2022 (India Chapter)
Production Company – Pinaka Mediaworks LLP
Presenter - Rolling Frames Entertainment (https://rollingframesentertainment.com)

Location: Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh

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